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YUM: Ik probeer alles te onthouden.


Black Volvo


Genre: Band
Aantal leden:3


Black Volvo is a three-piece melodic punk and roll band from the west coast of Holland. Making music since 2010 Black Volvo tries to play the stage as much as possible. The result of their enormous drive to play their tunes for a big audience brought them on stage’s in all parts of Holland and Belgium. They did two big tours in the UK where they have a huge fanbase. Their common interest for vinyl brought them two 7” singles. The latest single is released in July 2013. In this year bookings for another UK tour in september began, as well as a tour in Germany and release shows in Holland and Belgium. Thick riffs, loud bass, solid drums and catchy songs are the trademark of Black Volvo. Live shows are entertaining, loud and always played with a laugh. The songs will easily turn into huge sing alongs live. Party hard and fists in the air! See you on the road………….
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